Hockeypuk Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC is a proud Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) operating out of Virginia providing premier and exceptional cybersecurity consulting services and solutions.

Robby Ann Carter
Founder & CEO

As one of the first females to be a part of protecting VIPs in the Intelligence Community, domestic and overseas, as well as a Unit Chief within the Security Division of the FBI, I established several new programs, to include the Federal Government’s most comprehensive Mobility and Wireless Security Program.  

Within this program, we took advantage of emerging encryption solutions and innovative technologies to secure classified and unclassified data on laptops and mobile computing devices.  To achieve and approve solutions for these devices, I solicited vendors who had products that fulfilled requirements to encrypt data at rest, in transit, and restrict devices to connect via authorized wired and wireless connections, networks, and peripheral devices on ruggedized laptops to support remote and office FBI agents.  I asked the vendors to work together to deliver integrated secure solutions resulting in a laptop, if lost or stolen, would be nothing more than a property loss and not a data loss...a piece of vulcanized rubber...a hockeypuk.   My passion to secure government, proprietary and personal data has been centric to my consulting efforts that have endured for the past 12 years.  


In 2017, I decided to grow this passion into a business that delivers premier cybersecurity consulting and integrated product security solutions to meet static, remote and cloud based capabilities and services.  Focusing on the mission, functional, data protection, and operational requirements of our clients, HCC delivers over 30 years of security experience.


HCC is .... empowering women; engaging community; partnering with trusted and qualified vendors; relationship management; cybersecurity architecture and engineering.

Robby Ann Carter

Founder| Chief Executive Officer

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