HCC employs current cybersecurity architecture, engineering, solutions and consulting services that exercises threat intelligence; leverages innovation and creativity to protect your valued information. This includes educating our clients along the way with an understanding of why cybersecurity capabilities and solutions are critically important.


Forward thinking  is what HCC does to shape the future of Cybersecurity. HCC solves the most impossible problem and finds the right partners for the job. At the same time HCC knows how to identify and develop the innovative technology and strategy that will surely disrupt the way the world does cybersecurity!  While no one really knows what's going to change the world next, you can count on the fact that HCC is already working on it.


The high performers. The challengers. The insatiably curious risk-taking subject matter experts who have a drive to secure precious data and the world around them. These are the people of HCC. Cybersecurity minded individuals and teams who know that their work is going to change the lives of others. A career at HCC is always rewarding and rarely easy. Secure your spot today!



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HCC is an equal opportunity employer with an inclusive workplace where differences are valued. 

HCC welcomes resume submissions directly from individual job seekers. Unsolicited resumes from employment agencies will not be honored.